New leadership is remaking Columbia Manufacturing into a modern world-class aerospace supplier.

Over the last year, our company has dedicated itself to strengthening our workforce, investing in facility improvements, and improving processes with a focus on operational excellence. Our newly completed large-scale CMM capabilities are the biggest example of the commitment to our long-term vision.

The Mitutoyo machine was installed in a custom-built controlled environment in the center section of our 90,000 square-foot facility. Trained technicians are able to electronically inspect and verify large and bulky parts as big as five feet wide, nine feet long and five feet high with tolerances less than the width of a strand of hair.

“We are proud to be one of only a few specialty aerospace manufacturers in the country to offer these capabilities,” said Robert Friedland, CMI President and CEO. “We set ambitious goals for our company and are on track for 2019 to be a record year for new bookings and 30 percent year-over-year growth in our MRO segment.”

Bob Nieszczezewski, CFO and Vice President of MRO Operations, added, “By modernizing operations and incorporating new technologies like the large-scale CMM, we are positioned well for continued growth in both OEM and MRO. We have the workforce, the facilities, and the machine capacity to take on new contracts and the underlying processes to deliver the highest quality work on time.”