A complete visual manufacturing system to improve schedule efficiency and achieve faster delivery times

Earlier this year, CMI personnel participated in a 10-week Velocity Scheduling System (“VSS”) training and implementation program designed to increase the throughput of our Company’s manufacturing process. The system, which is based on the lean manufacturing Theory of Constraints, is now fully implemented and operational.

The Velocity Scheduling System is not software but a complete visual manufacturing approach that includes production scheduling, detailed planning, key metrics, and a process for on-going improvement. Since being implemented, our Company has seen positive results including lower work-in-process inventory and faster delivery times.

“We are excited about the results we have seen since we have implemented the system,” said Robert Friedland, CMI President and CEO. “Our employees are rallying behind the program and now have a clear, visual depiction of the work as it flows through the various departments within our manufacturing operations with early identification of bottlenecks and technical challenges that can be addressed quickly. As the velocity of production keeps increasing, it will allow us to reduce the lead time of some jobs and better plan raw material purchases to lower our working capital. We see this system as a key element in managing our capacity and enhancing our ability to grow the Company.”