These employees are some of CMI’s latest new hires. They have various levels of experience and work in Engineering, Inspection, and Manufacturing. We are happy to have them on board, and they are already making meaningful contributions to our team!

In the face of an ongoing skilled labor shortage in Connecticut, especially in manufacturing, we are finding success by recruiting candidates, largely from the local community, for entry-level positions and providing on-the-job training to workers eager to learn.

Welders and inspectors with aviation experience have been some of the hardest workers to find. CMI’s experienced workforce is willing to share its skills and experiences with others, which is one reason why our on-the-job training is successful. Bringing in new employees, even those with limited experience and collaborating with the Company’s experienced workforce leads to mentorship, new idea generation, and skill development.

Join our growing world-class team!

CMI is currently hiring many available entry-level positions, including an Engineering Intern, 2nd shift Machinists and Burr Hands. Open positions for experienced employees include an Engineer, Maintenance Mechanics, and CNC Machinists.