LED Lighting Upgrade

Our Company recently completed a factory-wide upgrade of the lighting within the Company’s manufacturing footprint. The project, which was completed through Greenleaf Energy Solutions and Eversource brings noticeable improvement to the shop floor and will benefit all of the Company’s manufacturing employees.

The upgrade is expected to reduce the Company’s annual operating cost of electricity and as a result, will also provide environmental benefits by reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful environmental pollutants. Management believes this is a “win-win” project for the Company’s workforce, its operating budget, and the environment.

“The lights made a tremendous difference in our shop… when parts come off the machines the team can clearly spot any defects or imperfections before going to quality control.”
– Keith Heinonen, Facility Manager

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Project Highlights


  • 23% Annual return on investment
  • Over $19,000 in annual savings
  • Positive cash-flow of $109,691 over 10 years


  • Improved foot-candles and color rendering
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Safer working environment