MRO – Impingement Ring

9079M44G08 Impingement Ring

Project Description

Reference Part #9079M44G08

DER to replace aft flange, which removes all fatigued material and returns it to “as-new condition”
Reduces scrap and costs over 60% less than OEM replacement

Repair Scope

  • Repair 001 – Weld repair of cracks
  • Repair 002 – Replacement of Cooling Air Ports
  • REpair 003 – Weld Repair for oversized holes and missing material at the aft flange
  • Cleaning and Inspection
  • DER Approved for aft flange replacement

Project Details


CF6-80 Commercial
Aircraft Engine


Hastelloy AMS5536

Part Dimensions:

Height: 4.00”
Diameter: Ø36.00”
Thickness: .032”



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